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  • His most valuable contribution to the Indian heritage is the preparation of the Critical Editions of all the 32 J ain Agamas ( Canonical Texts) of the Shwetambar Tradition in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit Language. They have been published with their word index ( alphabetical) in the following seven massive volumes, with total printed pages about 7000.

  • Mahaprajna ( A Great Seer).
    Acharya Shri Tulsi conferred on him the epithet of "Mahaprajna " (A Great Seer) in recognition of his outstanding wisdom and erudition in 1978 at Gangasahar, (Rajasthan).

    Vol. I,II,III, Angasutta.ni (Eleven Texts ) Vol. IV;V uvangasutta.ni (Twelve Texts ) Vol VI Navasutta.ni (Nine Texts )

  • Vol VII The volume on the word index of the first three volumes is published as the seventh volume of the series, and titled as " Angasutta.ni Shabda,-Suohi. " The word indices of the remaining 3 volumes are printed at the end of each volume.

  • In another series of Agamas, the original text is published with the Sanskrit rendering and Hindi translation with critical notes. The annotations are based on deep research and comparative study of Vedic, Buddhist, Jain traditions as well as the ancient works of secular sciences such as .Ayurve~, Lexicography, Grammar, Poetics, Drama-literature, etc. All the modern critical studies done in English, German etc, have also been taken into account. The following 10 texts have been completed and published.

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