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  • He is a highly distinguished oriental scholar having profound knowledge of not only Jain scriptutes (Aga.mas) and commentaries thereon, but also of Buddhist Scriptures ( Tripita.kas) and Vedic scriptures ( Vedas, Upnishads etc) .

  • His researches in various fields of Oriental and Indologicallearnings have thrown new light on many mysterious and enigmatic topics . Modern scholars in these fields including Dr. Satkori Mukharjee, Dr. S. Radhaskrishnan, Dr. Suniti Kumar Chaterjee, Pt. Gopinath Kaviraj, Pt. Sukh Lal Sanghvi, Dr. Hazari Prasad Dvivedi, Pt. Dalshukh Bhai Malvania, Dr. Nath Mal Tatia, Dr. A. N. Upadhye, Dr. Schubring, Dr. Norman Brown, Dr. Louis Renu, Dr. B.K. Khadbadi, Dr. T.G. Kalghatgi, Digambar Acharya Vidyanandji, Dr. Dayanand Bhargva, Dr. Shakti Dhar Sharma, Dr. K. Sachchidanand Murthy, etc. who have reviewed his works have almost all found his research works full of new interpretations, wonderful solutions to some of the perennial questions, valuable linguistic probes, and so on.

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