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A man with Intuitive Sight and Effective Non-Voilent Actions, Striving for Universal and Amity

     Acharya Mahapragyaji - often described as "A Living Legend" is not merely a person but also a purpose, not just a being but also a belief. He is that perception that cannot be bound by Time or Territory. Thought’s churned out from the depths of his meditation are lasting and effective. He dispelled many myths about the religion and its rites and rituals. He said, "The religion which does not bring about a change in man’s life, which does not impart peace to him, deserves to be thrown in the river Ganges rather than carried on as a burden on one’s shoulders. Rituals or idol worship alone are not enough unless one’s conduct also gets transformed. Unless one is righteous and honest, both to himself and others, and leads a value oriented life, he is not religious despite his proclamation". He is an erudite scholar of Jain Agamas , a reputed critic of Indian and western philosophy ,a co-ordinator of Science and spiritualism and a sincere disciple of Acharya Tulsi.

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