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As a practical sadhaka,Acharya mahaprajna is a live Yogi who has developed his wisdom,intuition and extra sensory know ledge. He has revived the J ain Meditation System and discovered an altogether new System --Preksha Meditation. In theform of the discovery of the techniques of .Kayotsa.rga, Anupreksha, ChaJtrya, Kendra Preksha and Leshya Dhyan. AchaI:ya Mahaprajna has proved himself a revealer of mysteries of unconscious and subconscious levels of human consciousness. He has I in fact, found out the clues to the ultimate transformation of personality through meditational techniques by actualJy bringing about the necessary biochemical and bioelectrical changes in neuro-transmitters, neuro- hormones or endocrine glands I hormones which are found to be responsible for all human attitudes and behaviour. Some of his important titles are:

Chit Aur Man, samaysar: Nishchay Aur Vyavhar, Anekant Hai TTeesra Netra, Appanam Sharnam Gachchami, Main Kuchh Hona Chahta Hun, Kaise Soche?, Kisne Kaha Man Chanahal Hai, Avacheten Man Se Sampark,Soya Jag Jaye, Amurat Chintan, Jiwan Ki Pothi, Apna Darpan: Apna Bimb, Man Ka Kayakalp, Jeevan Vigyan,Democracy : Social Revolution through Individual Transformation, Non-violence and its Many Facets, Towards Inner Harmony, The Mysteries of Mind, The.Art of Positive Tl1ink1ng, The Mirror of the Self, I and Mine.


Today, the Education system needs to be reformed not only in India, but also all over the world. Acharya Shri Mahaprajna has invented a new academic programme under "Science of Living" which is proved to be a complementary education for inculcating the basic human values in students and bringing about an integrated development of personality through attitudinal change and behavioural modification. In fact; the Scienee-of Living is a spiritual- cum -scientific technique of building healthy society through balanced development ofphysical, mental and emotional health of the students.

A full syllabus right from primary education upto post-graduation has been devised and the related books with theoretical as well as practical in -put have been published. Acharya Mahaprajna 's books are:

  1. Jeevan Vjjnan: Siksha Ka Naya Ayam
  2. Jeevan Vjjnan: Svasth Samaj Rachana Ka Sankalpa
  3. Jeevan Vjjnan: Siddhant Aur Prayog
  4. A Series of Ten Books on Jeevan Vigyan

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