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Navkar Maha Mantra



The Conception of Upadhyaya:

     The Sanskrta form of the Prakrta word uvajjhaya is upadhyaya. Up-means near. Adhyaya-means to study. Those from whom one can get the knowledge of the scriptures are upadhyayas. They are like torches of knowledge.


      Upadhyaya is like a burning lamp that lights other lamps with the touch of its flames of knowledge. As donating eye to a blind is a magnanimous deed, giving knowledge to an ignorant is a great virtue. This pious work is done by upadhyayas.

     The eleven volumes of Anga Sruta (preachings of Tirthamkara Mahavira and scribed by ganadharas, and twelve Upanga Sruta (subordinate scriptures to the angasruta but scribed by acaryas other than ganadharas) (on the table to the right of the Upadhyaya) are jointly called the Ganipitaka. These canons form the foundation of the knowledge in the Jain religion. To do deep study of these, to guide others openly in proper study and to answer queries and clear doubts of disciples it the work of the upadhyaya.

     The twenty five qualities of upadhyaya are:

(1-11) - the eleven Angas,

(12-23) - the twelve Upangas,

(24) - Carana sattari (seventy general rules of monks),

(25) - Karana sattari (seventy special rules observed by monks).

     To meditate over the Namo Uvajjhayanam line as the flames of knowledge is helpful in attaining knowledge and education. This line is visualized with a blue glow. The blue colour imparts peace and tranquillity and helps in concentration.


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