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Navkar Maha Mantra



The Conception of Acarya:

     Arihanta and Siddha are the gods of gods, i.e.,God The acaryas are said to be the leader of dharma (religion).

     (Read with reference to the illustration) The duty of the acharya is to preach the religion of right faith, right knowledge, and right conduct to the four-fold religio-social organisation comprising of sadhu (monk), sadhvi (nun), sravaka (layman) and sravika (lay-woman). He is also supposed to ensure that he and his organisation follows the prescribed norms of good conduct, restraints, rules and discipline.


      Like the peg in the barn around which the ox moves, the acarya is the axis around which the religious organisation moves. The acarya is the captain and navigator of the ship of religious organisation.

The religious life of an acarya is supposed to have the following thirty six qualities:

(1-5) Discipline of the five physical senses, (6-14) observation of celibacy with nine guptis (restraints),

(15-18) routing of the four passions like anger, etc., (19-23) complete observation of the five great vows like ahimsa, etc.

(24-28) pursuance of the five conducts like jnanacara, (knowledge), etc.

(29-33) observation of the five rules of vigilance like irya samiti (vigilance of movement),

(34-36) observation of three guptis (restraints) like manogupti or restraint of thought, etc.

      Besides these, an acarya has many more qualities like adaptability, impressive oration, hold over the Jain organisation, etc.

      As we meditate over 'Namo ayariyanam' we get determination for good conduct and inner strength for following lofty ideals. Concentrating over this line gives rise to pious feelings, purifies attitudes, and disciplines intense passions. The colour attributed to this line is golden yellow.

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