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Navkar Maha Mantra



The Conception of siddha :

     Siddha is that soul which has achieved complete fulfillment of all its desires; also remembering it and thinking and meditating about this supreme soul fulfils all desires. The Arihanta, who has already destroyed the four ghati (vitiating) Karmas, when destroys the remaining four aghati (non-vitiating or resultant) Karmas namely

(1) Vedaniya (emotion evoking),
(2) Nama (form determining),
(3) Gotra (status determining)
(4) Ayusya, (age determining),

becomes a Siddha.


Concentrate on the illustration and observe:

      The soul attains the Siddha state that is free of all karmas by burning and reducing to ash all the eight karmas, shown as pieces of wood, in the fire of penance, meditation, etc. As a lotus flower blooms when sunlight falls on it, eight natural attributes of the soul spontaneously appear with the destruction of eight karmas.

      The eight natural attributes or the inherent power are shown as petals of a blooming lotus. These are:

1. Infinite knowledge,
2. Limitless perception,
3. Un-ending happiness,
4.Flawless conduct,
5. Supreme power,
6. Formlessness (a form without name,dimensions and shape),
7. Masslessness (equanimity),
8. Indestructible constitution.

     After liberation the Siddha soul exists at the crescent shaped Siddha soul exists at the crescent shaped Siddha loka (abode) situated at the edge of the universe.

     In this Siddha loka (abode) innumerable souls exists in aural form. As a flame fuses into another, innumerable souls in there eternal aural form fuse and occupy the same space but still maintain their individual existence.

     While concentrating on the Siddha if one meditates about its complete healthy, blissful, all-endowing and eternally happy form, the same attributes starts appearing within one's own soul.

The visualization of this line Namo Siddhanam is done in red colour.

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