The Purpose
Declining Period of Health
Yogasana and exercise
Yogasana and meditation
Useful hints
Different type of Pranayam

      Yogasana is a self-help system for curing and preventing illness, stress and enhancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

     Its key concept is to increase vital energy. The energy is then circulated into health, vitality, balanced emotions, creative and spiritual expression.

      Illness is caused by a blockage of energy. Too much or too little energy in one part of the body results in disease to the part and stresses the entire body. Stress or injury to one organ, Gland or system weakens the entire body.

     The body is also self-regulatory and will naturally move towards balance if you are regular in practice. Western medical doctors have only recently discovered the disastrous effects on health of stressful living, and their methods of coping with stress are still in their infancy.

      In Ganadhipati Gurudeva Shree Tulsi and Acharya Mahapragya's view, Asana is the best way for correcting this imbalance by awakening vital energy and circulating it to the needed areas.

      Asana and meditation lead a man to transfer the stress and negative emotions into creativity, learning, healing and peak.