Yoga Mudra (Sealing pose)
1. Sit upright in padmasana.
1. Place the left hands behind your back make a first.
2. Grasp the left wrist with the right hand, placing your hands at the end of the spinal cord.
3. This spot is known as the center of energy. Hold the arms as straight as possible.
4. While exhaling bend the body forward, keeping the hands at the back.
5. Touch the floor with the forehead.
6. Holding the wrist, raise the arms as high as possible while keeping them straight.
7. Breathe normally. While inhaling, return to the upright position.
8. Reverse the process for the right wrist.
  Practice one minute, increase to five minutes. To quiet needless thinking, it can be performed for half an hour
This heals abdominal disorders, relaxes the entire spine.
It develops memory power.
It builds up powerful muscle of the face and brain as well as providing energy to the facial and cranial nerves.