Ustrasana (Camel pose)
     Ustra is a camel, used for transpiration in desert regions. The shape of this asan is like an ustra. After performing forward bending asana, this posture should be done to maintain balance of the spine.
1. Sit on your knees. Face the toes down. Keep the knees slightly apart.
1. Bend the neck, chest and back, stretching the hands over the head.
2. Bend backward while exhaling.
3. Place the palms on each heel.
4. Stretch the chest and stomach fully.
5. Remain in this position.
6. While inhaling, come to normal position.
  Practice up to three minutes, while inhaling and exhaling.
It helps in digestion, elimination of the feces and back pain.
It is a very helpful for diabetes, dyspepsia and dharana.