Trikonasan (Triangle pose)
1. Stand straight, keeping the feet apart.
2. Keep the right foot straight and left foot at 90 degrees to the right foot.
First Type :
1. Place the hands on the side of the body.
2. Place the left hand near left footpad.
3. While inhaling, raise your right hand over the head until it is parallel to the floor.
4. Touch the ear with the right shoulder.
5. While exhaling, bend the hand and trunk at the waist to the left side.
6. The head should turn sideways while looking straightforward.
7. Retain the breath ten second in this pose. Inhaling, come to the original position.
8. Repeat in the same fashion for the other side of the body.
Second Type :
1. While inhaling, raise both hands. While exhaling, bend the trunk to the front.
2. Place the right hand to the left foot, and now twist to the left.
3. Keep the left arm upwards, looking up.
4. Reverse the process for the other side.
  One minute up to three minutes.
It trims the waist, lungs and spine, reduces obesity of hips and waist, and strengthens muscles of the legs, removes constipation, gases, dyspepsia and weakness of the intestine.