The Purpose

     Asana is not only a physical exercise. It is the first door for entering the spiritual world. The word asana is used in many senses.

     In Sanskrit, the root 'aas' is used for sitting. Patanjali defines "sthira sukham asanam". It means through which in stable and comfortable position should be seated is known asana.

     Asana can be performed in three ways, lying down, sitting and standing postures. Asana does not only manage activities of the body-system in the right way, but also provides stability of mind and speech.

     Preksha meditation is the technique of self-realization. Through the practice man goes deeper and deeper in the subtle world. Those men who want to take high spiritual flight in self -realization must purify body, breath and prana, and should learn asana and pranayama very well.

     To get fit and to stay fit is the goal of each and everyone. Yogasana is the optimum system for having fitness. It is not only limited to the physical body.

      Asana is a science, which deals with the development of human personality, which leads a man to harmony, peace, concentration, and balance, which is conducive to the awakening of inner energy.