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Pashchimottasana (Posterior pose) ::
  Pashchimottasana (Posterior pose)
1. Stretch out the legs straightforward, close to each other.
1. While inhaling, raise both hands.
2. Then exhaling bend forward.
3. Catch the big toes of the feet by the fingers.
4. Then, inhale. While exhaling touch the nose to the right knee.
5. While inhaling, keep the spine straight.
6. In the same way, inhale, exhale and touch the nose to the left knee.
7. Inhale and return to the upright position.
8. Then exhale again inhale. While exhaling touch the nose between the knees.
9. When retaining each position, breathe normally.
10. Do not raise the knees to touch the nose.
11. Instead, maintain contact with the ground with the back of the knees.
12. Try to bring your nose down with your spine extended and straight.
13. To complete the asana, relax your grip on the toes and return to your original upright position.
  One minute to three minutes. Increase the duration order to increase spiritual development.
This asana improves functions of the abdominal organs.
It makes the spine elastic, reduces fat in the abdomen.
3. It provides relief from diabetes, emission, constipation, etc.