Ujjayi Pranayama
1. Sit in a comfortable posture turning the tip of the tongue backwards to touch the upperpalate as is done in Kechari Mudra.
1. Inhale and exhale thorough the glottis at a low, uniform rate, touching the chin to the throat.
2. A sweet sound should be heard like a baby snoring during respiration.
3. After inhalation, touch the chin to the throat (jalandharbandha).
4. Continue this practice for periods from three to thirty minutes as desired.
  Start with three pranayamas, extending this to twenty-seven;nine in the morning, nine at noon and nine in the evening per day.
Ujjayi Pranayama balances high blood pressure and the mind.
2. It also strengthens the nervous system, removes mucus and relieves swelling of the tonsils, coughs and colds.
3. It makes the voice sweet and pacifies the mind.