Sukshama Bhastrika Pranayama
1. Sit as usual in a comfortable posture, keeping the head, neck and spine in a straight line.
2. Let the left hand remain on the left knee and place the right hand next to the nose.
1. Concentrate your mind on the center of energy or the center of knowledge.
2. Breathe quickly and fast through both nostrils while forcefully contracting and expanding abdominal muscles.
3. Keep the shoulders and chest immobile.
4. After completing twenty to twenty five breaths, inhale deeply, retain for a while and exhale. Follow by another round of forceful breathing.
5. Increase the frequency with practice.
1. Practice this exercise for three to five minutes.
This exercise produces brightness, activeness and balance.
2. It purifies the nervous system, destroys all disease and increases heat and vital force.