Shitali Pranayama
1. Sit in a comfortable posture, keeping the hands on the knees as a Gyana Mudra.
2. Extend the tongue and roll up each side to make a channel like a bird's beak.
1. Suck the air over the tongue and the fill the lungs completely.
2. The pressures on the diaphragm should extend down to the navel.
3. Withdraw the tongue and close the mouth.
4. Hold the breath for a while and then exhale gradually through the nostrils.
  Continue this practice from one to five minutes.
  The duration can be increased to cool down the body due to overheat or disease.
  The best time to perform this exercise is during the summer.
Shitali Pranayama quenches thirst, improves the efficiency of the liver and reduces bile and high blood pressure.
2. Coolness, brightness and peacefulness increase.