Shitakari Pranayama
1. Sit stayright in a comfortable posture, keeping the head, neck, and spine erect. Placa the hands Gyana Mudra.
1. Open the lips and keep the teeth together
2. Lightly press the tip of the tongue against the lower front teeth.
3. Inhale through the mouth over the tongue with a kind of hissing sound like the sound of the letter 's'.
4. After filling the lungs completely, close the mouth and exhale through both nostrils without retention.
1. Practice Shitakari for one to five minutes, increasing the time one minute each week.
2. Like Shitali, it should be practiced in the summer.
3. Although those who are subject to excess bile can do it in any season.
It reduces heat, clears the complexion and helps in controlling thirst, hunger and sleep.