Ayurvedic Perspective  

      The entire system of the human body is governed by three doshas, wind (vata), bile (pitta), and phlegun (kapha). The primary working area of all three doshas is for the most part concentrated between the heart and the navel where the stomach, duodenum, liver, pancreas. Sleeve, kidney, colon etc., are located. This most important portion of the body is responsible for digestion, assimilation, and distribution of nutrients. Wind controls the activity and movement of the human being. Bile controls the entire digestive system. Phlegm moistens and lubricates the joints and other body system which helps in keeping the body clean, pure and undisturbed. Wind keeps the whole system alive. It is a very potent fact that body air has the quality of changing its nature with changes in temperature and by controlling breath, one can regulate al the forces of the universe such as gravity, electricity, nerve currents, etc.

Yogacharya's Perspective

      Prana is energy; it cannot be divided, but for the purposes of governing life, the Acharya of yoga has been divided into five forces called pancha prana - Prana, Apana, Saman, Udana and Vyana. All have different manifestations a distinct functions as follows:

1. Prana moves between the larynx and thoracic region. It activates respiration, heart and lungs.
2. Apana circulates in the lower abdomen between the navel and the rectum, which includes the large intestine. It throws out urine, feces, toxins and waste materials. It controls and provides energy to the liver, stomach, heart, excretory system, etc.
3. Samana works between the heart and navel center. It stimulates and activates the digestive system.
4. Udana passes between the region of the head and the thorax. It activates the eyes, ears, nose, brain, etc.
5. Vyana pervades the whole body. It distributes energy to all the cells, muscle and nerves. Through Vyana, the whole body functions in a right and proper manner.

Jain's Perspective

       Prana is considered to be bio-energy. Through bio-energy the attributes of soul (knowledge, bliss and power) can be recognized. Prana is the basis of all life. It is the subtle energy, which works in each and every cell, muscle, nerve and organ. Respiration (Pranavayu) goes to the lungs and helps in the purification of the blood.