Bhramari Pranayama
1. Sit in a comfortable posture keeping the head, beck and spine erect.
2. Place the right thumb against the right nostril but do not close it.
1. Inhale slowly and deeply through both nostrils.
2. Press the right nostril with the right thumbs.
3. Retain the breath for a while, then exhale touching the lungs throat area and larynx.
4. While inhaling and exhaling, concentrate the conscious mind on the throat and produce a humming sound like the buzzing of a bee.
5. Since this sound resembles that of a large bee, it is named Bhramari.
1. Starting with nine times, increase up to twenty seven times.
It makes the voice sweet and gently, and helps clarity of speech.
2. Breathing becomes deep and subtle.
3. It is useful for hypertension and depression and aids brain cells.