Bhastrika Pranayama
1. Sit straight in a comfortable posture.
2. Let the left hand rest on the left knee and place the right hand next to the nose.
First Type :-
1. Bhastrika isa Sanskrit word meaning the bellows of a blacksmith.
2. Air is draw in drawn in and out forcefully like a bellows, so it is known as Bhastrika Pranayama.
3. For the first type of Bhastrika, inhale and exhale quickly in short and shallow breaths through both nostrils from four to ten times.
4. Then exhale completely, holding the breath for a while.
5. After this, inhale through the right nostril and retain the breath for a while
6. Again, inhale and exhale through the nostrils contracting the middle and lower portions of the abdomen
  Begin with three pranayamas, increasing one by one up to twenty-one.
Third Type :-
1. The third type of Bhastrika is practiced like Anuloma - Viloma with the right thumb against the right nostril and the ring finger against the left nostril.
2. Rest the remaining fingers between the eye browse.
3. Inhale through the exhale through the right nostril and inhale of inhalation and exhalation by expanding and contracting the abdominal muscles
  In the beginning, practice one pranayama and gradually increase this to eleven times.
Second Type :-
1. The second type of Bhastrika is practiced by breathing quick and fast through both nostrils making the sound of a bellows.
2. After inhaling and exhaling ten to twenty times, inhale deeply and retain it for a while.
  Continue this pranayama for three to five minutes.
Bhastrika supplies a plentiful supply of oxygen to the lungs.
2. It produces heat in the body and increases appetite, destroys mucus, removes disorders of the respiratory system, improves efficiency of the nervous system, reduces fat in the abdominal region and enhances purity of consciousness.
3. Bhastrika is useful for digestive function, diabetes, sinus, etc.