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  Declining Period of Health
     Regular exercise is necessary for all ages, like brushing teeth or bathing. It is essential in and after middle age.

      Yogasana helps in maintaining fitness. Truly, fitness cannot be achieved overnight, or in few days or even a few weeks, because man has lost much of his fitness due to sedentary habits.

      It requires effort, patience and regularity to become fit. Medical professionals divide human life into thirty years segments. In the first thirty years, it is easy to. Maintain fitness, health, strength, and physiological conditions. All things go favorable for everyone.

      During the second segment of thirty years, the same bone and muscle strength can be maintained . If proper attention is given to nutrients and proper exercise.

      However, in the Third thirty-year segment, man loses his strength and health. Natural decline Takes place in this period. Still, Yogasana keeps a man energetic, vital and strong in old age. A dearth of Yogasana leads a man to aging. Some are not aged, but just look that way. The cause is that they are habituated to regular sedentary living and they no longer use asana.

      Health promotion survey says higher percentage of Yogasana practice results in healthier and happier people than those who do little.

      Yogasana is unique panacea on a physical level. Because by practicing Yogasana man burns a lot of calories, caloric expenditure uses energy. Yogasana does not only consume energy in the form of glucose, glucosan and fat, but it also increases metabolic rate, enlarges the heart and lungs and activates muscles for their functioning.

      The utilization of energy leads a man to weight-loss. Weight-loss helps in preventing heart disease or any other heart risk.

      Regular thirty-minute periods of Yogasana increase higher metabolic rate. As a result of it, the calories will burn faster.

      It will lead a man to get fit and live fit. The heart and blood circulatory system becomes better at transporting oxygen to the brain, this will result in increased memory power.

      Yogasana is the best and easiest technique to learn for health and fitness.