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Padmasana (Full lotus Pose) ::
  Padmasana (Full lotus Pose)
     This is the best pose for spiritual practices. It resembles the petals of the lotus, hence its name.
1. Sit erects.
1. Stretching the legs out fully. Bend the right leg.
2. Place it high on the left thigh at the juncture of the thigh and hip, with the sole of the foot turned upward.
3. In the same way, get hold of the left leg. Put it on the opposite thigh.
4. The heels are opposite to each other.
5. Both the thighs and knees are pressed against the floor.
6. It may be possible the beginning that one of the thighs is slightly off the ground, but with practice it is easy to perform the asana in the correct way.
7. Let the index finger touch the tip of the thumb. Place the hand on the knees.
8. Keep the spine neck and head erect.
9. Fix eyesight on the nose. Breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically.
  Practice one minute, increasing to thirty minutes, adding three minutes each week.
It strengthens the nerves and muscles of the legs and thighs.
Due to the erectness of the spine, the flow of vital energy flows upwards.
This increases concentration of the mind.
It maintains chastity and makes knowledge nerves active.
5. It loosens the joints in the lower parts of the body, removing rheumatism.
6. It tones up the three humours (air, mucus and bile) in the system, harmonizing their functions.