1. Sit upright.
1. Stretch the legs forward.
2. Bending the left leg, press the anus with the heel.
3. While inhaling, raise both arms over the head.
4. Exhaling, bend forward.
5. Hold the right big toe with the hands.
6. Inhale in the upright position.
7. While exhaling bend forward and touch the forehead to the right knee.
8. Draw the stomach and navel in wards. Pull the anus inward.
9. Keep the right leg straight.
10. Finally, reverse the process with the other leg.
  Practice three to five times up to three minutes.
It reduces excess fat.
It is very helpful for constipation, dyspepsia, seminal weakness, and pain in the waist and legs.
3. It massages the spleen, the liver and the abdominal organs.