Chakrasana (Wheel pose)
     Its shape resembles a wheel, and the asana is therefore named Chakrasana.
1. Lie down on your back.
2. Straighten the legs.
1. Bend the legs at the knees..
2. While inhaling, place the soles near the buttocks.
3. Keep the hands on the ground by the side of the ears, palms pointing towards the shoulders.
4. Breathe out. Raise the body up, resting the hands and feet on the floor.
5. Let the neck bend back, making a curve of the spine.
6. Retain the pose for a while Gently try to come to the original position.
7. After performing Chakrasana, practice the rabbit posture.
Those who suffer from heart troubles, blood pressure and other chronic disease like push in the ears, eye disease should not perform this asana.
  Thirty seconds to three minutes.
It makes the fingers, hands and shoulder muscles strong.
It provides abundant energy to the heart and the entire rib cage.
It energizes the arms.
It is very helpful for an avoiding shivering in the hands in old age.