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Bhujangasana (Snake pose) - Second Type ::
  Bhujangasana (Snake pose) - Second Type

     Bhujanga is a Sanskrit word used for snake.
     This asana resembles a snake with its hood raised, hence the name.
1. Lie on the chest and stomach.
2. Keeps the legs straight and together, with the toes touching the ground and pointing backward
3. Bending the arms at the elbow, place the palms about a half-foot apart.
1. While inhaling, raise the chest and neck half a foot of the ground.
2. Breathe out through the mouth with a hissing sound.
3. Raise the chest and neck gradually while inhaling through the nostrils.
4. Retain the breath as much as possible. Then make the hissing sound while exhaling, and bring the chest and neck to the ground.
5. Relax the body.
  Practice three to five minutes.
It provides energy.
It removes abdominal problems and constipation.
It also tones up the reproductive system, the spinal cord, liver, kidneys and memory power.