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Ardha-matsyendrasana (Lateral spinal twist pose) ::
  Ardha-matsyendrasana (Lateral spinal twist pose)
1. Sit upright, and stretch out the legs.
1. Fold the left leg at the knee so that the heel presses the pelvic bones (anus).
2. Bend the right leg also at the knee.
3. Bring it over the left leg.
4. Rest it by the side of the bent knee.
5. Catch the toes of the right foot with the fingers of the left hand.
6. Take the right hand back, twisting the trunk and touch the navel.
7. Twist the shoulders and neck towards the spinal cord.
8. Fix the eyesight on the elbow.
9. Retain this pose.
10. Repeat for the other side of the body.
  Sitting upright, inhale. While pressing heel against anus, exhale. Placing hands over knee, again inhale and touching the navel, exhale. Practice one minute up to three minutes. The duration can be increased up to ten minutes.
It massages the chest, ribs, neck, navel and abdominal organs.
It strengthens and stretches the spine and every single vertebra.