Preksha Meditation
  Preksha Meditation

In this age of technology, industrialisation and over-urbanisation, we are constantly subjected to tremendous stresses and tensions. These, in turn, produce psychosomatic diseases like hypertension, insomnia, and various types of heart diseases. In desperation, people take to drinking and dangerous drugs which give temporary relief, but create more serious problems. The remedy does not lie in drugs or fantasy, but in the process of catharsis and development of inherit powers.

Philosophy teaches us to realise that our existence is functioning in duality, i. e. there is a spiritual self within a physical body. Science is also proving that life's processes for men lie almost wholly within himself and are amenable to control. The control has to be exercised by the power of spiritual self, and that inherent potency can be developed by knowing how to live properly, which includes eating, drinking and breathing properly as well as thinking properly.

  What is Preksha Meditation ?

PREKSHA MEDITATION is a technique of meditation for attitudinal change, behavioural modification and integrated development of personality. It is based on the wisdom of ancient philosophy and has been formulated in terms of modern scientific concepts. We hope that the synthesis of the ancienty wisdom and the modern scientific concept would help us in achieving the blissful aim of establishing amity, peace and happiness in the world by eradicating the bestial urges such as cruelty, retaliation and hate.

The different modes of Preksha-Meditation includes svasa-preksha ( perception of breathing ), sarira-Preksha ( perception of body ), chaitanyakendra- preksha ( perception of psychic centres), etc. All these are methods to ultimate transformation in the inner consciousness. Here, there is no need to sermonise for adopting virtues and giving up evils. When one starts practicing perception, one experiences himself that he is changing, that anger and fear are pacifying, that greed and deceit are deteriorating, that one is getting transform into a " righteous person".

  Benefit of Preksha Meditation

On physical level, it helps each body cells to revitalise itself, and facilities digemon, it makes respiration more efficient and improves circulation and quality of blood.

On mental level, it proves to be an applied method to, train the mind to concentrate; it offers a way to treat serious psychosomatic illness without drugs; it is an efficient tool for ending addictions and other bad habits; it reveals to one the mysteries of mind by realisation and real experiences of the inner consciousness which includes the subconscious and the unconscious.

On emotional level, the strengthening of conscious reasoning controls reaction to environmental conditions, situations, and behaviour of others; harmonisation of the functioning of the nervous and endocrine system result in control and eradication of psychological distortions.

On spiritual level, regulation of blood-chemistry through proper synthesization of neuro-endocrinal secretions, and dispassionate internal vibration lead one to attain the power to control the mind and become free from effects of external forces compelling one to lose equanimity.

  No Theological Dogma :-

Preksha Meditation can be learnt and practiced by anybody without distinction of caste, country, colour, and creed. There is no communal or theological bias, nor does it insist on any particular theological belief.

Though the process is not very difficult to learn and practice, it is essential to learn the technique through experienced and trained teachers. Normally a ten-day retreat (training camp) is a suitable means to acquire proper training.