Preksha Meditation

Stress Management
Through Kayotsarga

With the stress and strain of modern life-style, even the best of people like executives, professionals, businessmen, scientists and students succumb to tensions. Stress can be physical, mental or emotional.

Managing stress and coping with tension is essential for insuring one's efficiency and more significantly for one's good health. To reverse anxiety and drain out unnecessary stress one should learn and practice KAYOTSARGA - systematic progressive relaxation. It includes:

A. Activating Innate Para- Sympathetic Autonomous Nervous      System.
B. Changing the root cause of tension.

C. Transmuting the original distorted records into new positive ones.

Theatep-by -stepauto suggestions which constitute the helps a technique of kayostsarga helps a person to experience a deeply relaxed state - of - mind and body. Only 20 to 30 minutes of Kayotsarga makes one active/ready for the rest of the day.