Preksha Meditation

Physical Management
Improve by Preksha Meditation


Human body is a wonderful machinery. But in today's world, it can get affected by UV light, X rays, chemical toxins, pollution and viruses. Which can imbalance the equilibrium of the body mechanism.

But help is available from within. The body's strong internal defence mechanism successfully defends the body against major and minor distractions. The body has a wonderful innate system which has the ability to restore equilibrium and cure disorders. Preksha Meditation helps one to strengthen IMMUNITY SYSTEM to one's maximum benefit. One can stay fit and healthy throughout life, by regular practice of PREKSHA MEDITATION. Physical Health: Improved by Preksha Meditation.


Time has come for us to save ourselves from the vicious circle of dependence on medicines. From headache to heart problem, many kinds of pills are always available. But have we ever wondered whether our body needs all these drugs and medicines or not? In fact, we have an inbuilt Curing/Healing System, governed by Body Intelligence. Preksha Meditation helps us to activate our innate system. It establishes an 'active dialogue' with various body parts and helps in fighting out the microbes.

With regular practice of Preksha Meditation, the dependence on medicines lessens, our innate system gets activated and we feel healthy and happy.

Save yourself from dangerous side and after-effects of drugs and medicines.

LEARN AND PRACTICE PREKSHA MEDITATION. The human existence is a complex web of seven basic levels viz. - body, breathing, vital energy, mind, emotion, aura and consciousness.

Physical Level : Physical structure- systems, organs, tissues and cells.

Breathing Level : Supply of O2 to each cell of body for production of energy.

Vital Energy Level : Vital energy in the from of bio-electricity responsible for all life-processes.

Mental Level : Functions through the Central Nervous System - Machinery of Brain & Spinal Cord and Peripherals Nervous System - Machinery of sensory and motor nerves.

Emotional Level : Functions through the endocrine system by secretion of hormones and neuron hormones.

Aural Level : Functions through psychic produced by the psyche - in the form of Electro Magnetic Radiations of very high frequency.