Preksha Meditation

Goal Achievement
Through Preksha Meditation

A conscious mind acts like a computer and performs daily chores. But the subconscious mind generates mental powers which helps us in leading fuller and meaningful life. So, when it comes to achieving goals, executing projects, realising dreams and fulfilling ambitions, our subconscious mind works miraculously.

Preksha meditation helps us tap powers of the subconscious mind in order to get benefit from it.
.It consists of four steps: Motivation: Positive attitude, self-confidence with a strong desire to development the will power. Concentration: Perception of breathing exercises to increase the concentration of the mind. Relaxation: Total relaxation is necessary for lowering down the brain wave frequency between 7 to 14 CPS and entering the Alpha Level for direct
contact with the subconscious mind. Visualisation:

By regular and repeated practice of imagination and visualisation one can utilise of the subconscious mind to tap the tremendous mental power and ability. By the help of Preksha meditation, one can be motivated enough to develop the power of concentration by reaching the alpha level. When we visualise our goals clearly, we are able to generate necessary dynamic energy to achieve it.