Preksha Meditation

About Meditation
Through Kayotsarga

A thorough research in Eastern Mysticism coupled with Western Science yielded in the discovery of the lost meditational technique of PREKSHA.

Preksha in simple terms means in oneself'- to perceive and realise the most subtle aspects of ones own consciousness. This technique is basically the sum of perception of oneself -
i.e. perception of breath, body, psychic colours and psychic centres and contemplation processes- i.e. the process by which we do the transmutation. It is a comprehensive system of meditational exercises for attitudinal change, behavioural modification and integrated development of personality.

The main aim of Preksha meditation is to purity the deeper levels of existence. Regular practice strengthens our immunity system. It builds up stamina to resist against ageing process, pollution, chemical toxins, cough & cold, viruses, diseases, food adulteration etc.

It can be learnt by all people irrespective of any barriers. Preksha meditation tries to keep the body health and mind happy. It's easy to learn and practice.