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Art Of Living

1:What is Personality

The word personality comes from the word persona, which means, "mask." The people of Unani used to wear masks when they participated in dramas.

One who expresses is a person and the way one expresses is called personality. Every person tries to express/present himself before others in a unique way, and this is why personality differs from person to person.

Two Forms of Personality:
1.1) Artificial (Outer) Personality - material-oriented, gross, external & temporary.
2.2) Natural (Inner) Personality - quality-oriented, subtle, internal, natural & permanent.
Outer Personality

      The outer personality is the artificial way used by people to impress others. This type of person is totally opposite of what lies inside (the inner personality). For example, these types of people will try to look their best by wearing good clothes or put on a lot of makeup to look beautiful. So they try to impress others by showing off, yet inside is something different from what they project. Inner Personality: This type of personality glows from inside a person's heart , as it proves to be the self-property of a person. There is no trace of artificiality, but only the reality of who a person truly is. The inner personality depends on the values and the upbringing of a person gained in childhood. Today, the criteria of the majority of people is to look good and have a good personality. Personality Recognition - Indications There are many ways in which the personality can be recognized:

1. Place of residence
2. How is your bedroom arranged - in an organized or unorganized fashion?
3. Manner of speaking - soft or harsh voice?
4. Interpersonal behavior - polite/courteous or impolite/rude manners?
5. Ability to adjust to difficult situations - are you peaceful or aggressive?
6. Posture of eyes, face, and body - effective or ineffective? What type of impression do you receive from a person's body language?
7. Thought patterns/ Thinking style
8. What habits do you possess - good/bad? i.e. intoxication, excessive/unnecessary talking, hatred,procrastination,criticism, oversleeping.
9. Food - do you eat provocative, spicy, unhealthy food?
10. Friends circle - Jaisa Sang Vaisa Rang (Whoever you hang around with, you will become like them) - i.e. if your friends do bad things, you will also most likely do bad things
11. Family & Interpersonal Relations - friendly or unfriendly?
12. There are many more methods through which we can understand our personality and others' personality, and if we wish, then we can bring changes in ourselves and others

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