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Chapter 7 : Color And Personality
     Color is a very important indicator of our personality. On the basis of color, personality may be enhanced or degraded. By liking and using the appropriate colors, we can make our personality impressive. The performance of colors is based on our hidden feelings which lie deep down inside. Feelings determine Leshya, Leshya determines aura/halo, aura/ halo determines choice of colors, and color choice determines your personality.

Color can be used as a means of curing disease because color rectifies the imbalance in the body.

Red Color:

This is the element of fire. This activates the blood, and the circulatory & nervous systems. Its rays are beneficial for the muscles and the liver. This color keeps the right side of the brain active. From the viewpoint of psychology, the red color is healthy because it is combative and has a resistance power. If the red color is repeatedly used in addition to heat and laxity, it increases mental passion. So it should be used in combination with the blue color so it becomes balanced.

Orange Color:

This influences the breathing. It activates the thyroid gland. Due to the vibration of this color, the lungs expand and become healthy. It increases milk production in women’s breasts, and also renders assistance to the pancreas.

Green Color:

      This is useful for mental peace and bodily health. It reduces blood pressure and tension in the arteries. During emotional imbalances/disturbances, applying green rays in the head is beneficial. This color is a symbol of strength, youth, experience, hope and a new life.

Blue Color:

      This is a tonic for the blood because it relieves blood pressure. This color is an indication of meditation and spiritual progress. Spending too much time in a blue environment (i.e. blue furniture) makes a person feel tired. It is a symbol of truth, surrender, and proof

Violet/Jambuni color:

      This color purifies the blood.It pacifies and slows down the breathing. At the material,emotional,and spritual levels ,it influences vision ,hearing ,and the sense of smell.

Dark Purple Color:

This color is useful to attain freedom from violent madness. It helps control excessive hunger. The capacity to meditate increases.

Pink Color:

      It is a symbol of happiness and fearlessness. People who like this color always have a smile on their face. This color is very useful for a fearless person.

White Color:

      It is a symbol of peace, purity, and cleanliness of the heart. This color makes the body peaceful and the mind pure.

Black Color:

      It is a symbol of violence, hostility, and death. The mind gets disturbed. Black clothes and black environment cause depression in the mind. A person may make the wrong decision, and this color may be harmful. Yet being a warm color, if used in the winter to keep warm (i.e. in the form of a blanket or coat) it is not harmful.

Treatment through Sun Rays:

There are three types of disease in the body - gas, bile, and phlegm. Through the color therapy, these diseases can be cured. The root causes of all these diseases in the body are the imbalance of gas, bile, and phlegm. In the following chart is shown the color therapy process.

Three Diseases According to Ayurved Name of Disease Color for Treatment
1. Gas Related Gas, pain in joints, constipation, headaches Water from a green bottle
2. Bile Related Bad stomach, ulcers, liver, headaches, insomnia Water from a blue bottle or a coconut oil massage
3. Phlegm Related Breathing problems, cold, chest muscle pains, knee pains Water from an orange bottle or a coconut oil massage

Method of Preparing the Water:

      Keep the bottle of the desired color in the sun for 6-8 hours. Fill up the bottle 2/3 full of water. Move the bottle indoors in the evening before sunset. The green and blue water should be taken prior to the evening meal and in the early morning on an empty stomach, one cup at a time. Drink Ό cup of orange water minutes after the meal. Continue the treatment as long as the disease is not under control. Putting oil in the sun for 30 days gets it ready for use. Do not try this treatment unless you have necessary information from an able and authorized person.

Tridos - Reason & Cure:

In Ayuved, therapy is based on gas, bile, and phlegm (cough). Gas, bile, and phlegm is related with age - gas-related in childhood, bile-related in adolescence/youth, phlegm-related in old age. Balance of all these three is a sign of healthiness. The imbalance of these three causes disease/pain.
  1. Vaat (Vayu - gas) - Types of Gas: Solution:Avoid eating food like papad, potatoes, pickles, chana, and milk because they create gas.
    Pawan-Muktasan (gastric control) - Vayu Vijay Mudra (gastric control Mudra); water from a green bottle; eat sour, salty, warm food; chew food properly
  2. Bile Reasons: Excessive anger/rage; fear; work overload; bile oriented/type of food like chilies, sweet items, fried items, too much sugar, etc.
    Solution:Intake of bananas, pineapple, papaya, rice, dry raisin, buttermilk; do Apan Vayu Mudra, Chandrabhedi Pranayam (left nostril breathing exercise) & Kunjal Kriya (stomach cleaning exercise with water) - drinking lots and lots of glasses of water and then vomiting it out.
  3. Phlegm Reasons: Eating heavy and then sleeping in the day
    Solution:Avoid intake of spicy, sour, and hot food that creates heat in the body; do exercise and yoga - exercise like Bhastrika (fast breathing), Suryabhedi (right nostril breathing exercise), Pranayam, Dhoti Kriya, Jal Neti, Surya Namskar (sun salute posture), Shivling Mudra.

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