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Art Of Living

Chapter 6: Overall Personality
There are six main groups:-
  1. (1) Physical
  2. (2) Intellectual
  3. (3) Mental
  4. (4) Practical
  5. (5) Emotional
  6. (6) Spiritual.
An equal combination of all these groups is the proper development of an integrated personality.

Physical Personality -
One will not fall sick due to his ignorance and carelessness if he follows these steps:
  1. One who always sits straight
  2. One who controls sexual desire
  3. One who practices deep-breathing exercises
  4. One who walks regularly in open space and does yoga
  5. One who eats a controlled diet which is pure and healthy
  6. One who sleeps soundly
  7. One who has the capacity to laugh in the open
Intellectual Personality -
  1. One who has good memory power
  2. One who has developed the grasping/reasoning power
  3. One who has solid decision-making power
  4. One who regularly recites "Om Namo Nanass" Mantra
  5. One who does homework on Yogamudra, Sarvongasna (shoulder stand), and Shashankasana (rabbit posture)
  6. One who has the knowledge of different fields of life
  7. One who studies in depth about a problem before taking action
Mental Personality -
  1. One who has developed the power of concentration, determination, self-confidence, and thinking
  2. One who has the power to make their own decisions
  3. One who knows how to cut their own tangled problems of life
  4. One who does not project enmity
  5. One who does not spend/waste time in arguments
  6. One who feels happy and sleeps soundly
  7. One who has the capacity to adjust
  8. One who keeps the balance between thinking/action
  9. One who knows how to forget and forgive other people’s mistakes
  10. One who has a controlled mental balance to act/react in an unfavorable/bad situation
Practical Personality -
  1. One who does not have the addiction of giving advice to other people
  2. One who has a humble and grateful nature
  3. One who does not waste time in criticizing
  4. One who does not give orders or make decisions in anger
  5. One who follows his manners and has discipline
  6. One who knows how to respect someone who has come to his home
  7. One who knows what is appropriate to say in every respective situation
  8. One who knows not to use bad/foul language in any given situation
Emotional Personality -
  1. One who knows how to control emotions & feelings
  2. One who knows how to be happy/content in all situations
  3. One who has the desire to help others and cooperate with others
  4. One who is full of love, mercy, and kindness
  5. One who knows how to make proper use of money
  6. One who follows a daily routine of life with patience
Spiritual Personality -
  1. One who regularly knows how to search his own soul
  2. One who respects his Guru & parents
  3. One who lives in the present
  4. One who is firm in the decisions he makes
  5. One who has faith in celibacy
  6. One who is not afraid of death
  7. One who is honest in business and behavior
  8. One who has feelings of dedication/devotion
  9. One who is self-content/satisfied

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