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Short Stories

Short Stories


::-MISUE -::

An old man sowed a mango seed. A young man asked, “Sir, what are you doing ? You are on the verge of death why are you sowing the mango seed. Will you be there at the time of its fruition?”
The old man replied. “Our ancestors sowed seeds, The fruits of which , we are reaping now I am sowing these seeds for the future generation.” The one who thinks only of his immediate aim is shortsighted. That man is farsighted who can think about the welfare of people in the future. In other words to think about the future as one would about the present.

Once a man to a doctor. “Greetings to you doctor, “he said politely and presented his problem. “My eyes are hurting and I am not able to see clearly.”
The doctor gave him his medicine. The man came home. Making the medicine into a paste he started rubbing it on his back. By chamce the doctor also came that way. On seeing him the doctor said, “You stupid fellow what are you doing? Why are you applying the medicine meant for eyes on your back?”
What to do doctor? If I apply it in my eye, it burns. It does not burn when I apply it on my back.” Many people are trying to alleviate their problems. But their habits are such that instead of reducing their pain, they expose their strpidity to people.



The husband was a calm gentle person while the wife was of excitable nature. One day the husband came back home late. The wife said, “You have come home so late. The dinner has got cold,. “
She served him a cold meal.
The husband put the plate of food on his wife’s head.
“What are you doing? “ she asked
Replied the husband. “I am heating the food.”
The person who is of excitable nature is hotheaded. The husband indicated wisely that it does not matter if the food is cold, but do not get hot in the head.

“Lord! The sun is following me. Wherever I go it is behind me. What kind of action is this?”
Lord Indra called the sun and scolded him, “Why do you chase darkness?”
Replied the sun, “Lord! I do not know him. I have not even heard his name. Where does the question of runing behind him arise?”
Do not try to chase away darkness. Become the source of light yourself. Darkness will vanish by itself.



A thorn poked the foot. Many people gathered and tried to remove the thorn. They were not successful. At that time a doctor came and he suddenly put some drops in the eye.
People said, “What are you doing?”

Replied the doctor, “His eyesight is dim and so a thorn poked him. If the used this medicine everyday, a thro will never pole him again.”
Those who see only the present try to remove the thorn. But those who are aware of past present and the future, they identify the roots of the problem. There are no two ways about the fact that the thorn has to be removed, but a long-term solution lies in removing the reason why such a situation came to happen.

A multi-storied building. In the morning desirous office-goers gathered there. The lift was under repair. Even after a long wait, it was not repaired. Everybody thought- how long to wait? A solution emerged. Everybody will tell stories and so ease the pain of climbing the stairs. They started climbing up the stairs and stories were told one after another. They had reached the tenth floor. The office peon wanted to say something. The organizer cut him short. When they had reached the forty eighth floors, he asked the peon to tall a story.
“I have no story to tell, “he said.
“Then why did you try to say something in the middle.”
“Oh I only had to say that the key to the office has been left behind in the car, downstairs.”
The one who does not have the key cannot open the door and without opening the door, how can he enter?



Some robbers went to an old man’s house. They said, “Hey old man! We are robbers. You decide whether you want to save your wealth or your life.”
The old man said, “Brothers! Have pity. I have saved wealth for my old age. If you want to take my life, then take it by all means.”

What contradicting! Is it not madness? Who will grow old after death?

A musician had been invited from far off and the time to perform had come.
Asked the musician, “Tell me which raga should I elaborate upon?”
Said the organizer, “I am not familiar with any raga. My purpose is only to trouble the neighbors. So you sing in a manner that torments them.”
Varied ways, varied people, varied interests. One who has a negative outlook, negative thinking and negative action, he gets pleasure in torturing others.