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Short Stories

Short Stories



A rich businessman was on his deathbed. knowing that his end was near he asked, “Where is my wife?”
“I am standing beside you.”
“Where is my eldest son?”
“I too am at your side.”
“Where is my youngest son?”
“I too am beside you.”
“Then who is at the shop?”
The man who is so attached to his wealth thinks of his shop even at the time of death. He is not thinking of atma (Soul) and paramatma. What can be more amazing!

Once two holy men were walking on the banks of a river. They suddenly saw a black blanket shining forth from the waters. One of them felt the urgings of desire and said, “Brother! I know how to swim I will just dash forth and bring back that beautiful blanket.”
The other asked, “What do we have to do with that?” The desirous one said, “It attracts me.” He went into the waters. On going near the blanket he began swimming with the current. The man on the shore called, “Friend come, come. Why are you swimming with the current? Leave the blanket.”
He replied, “I want to leave it, but it is not leaving me. This is not a blanket but a bear. It has caught hold of me.”
The person who has many desires keeps flowing wherever the current takes them. Sometimes even scholars speak this language of saying, “I want to leave it but it does not leave me. “People addicted to material assets are always in this state.



Asked Lord Yama, the God of death, “Oh! businessman! Now you have come to the house of Yama, tell me where you want to go. On one side lies hell and on the other, heaven. “Replied the businessman, “Lord! Send me where I can earn my two pennies. “The man greedy for money does not consider the good and the bad, he only looks for material gains.

“What is the difference between deep and shallow? “asked the teacher.
“Simple, “replied the student. “The water in a bow is shallow, only a bird can bathe in it, a boat con not float in it. A sea is however deep and a huge ship can move in it.”
Such a distinction exists amongst humans too some are serious, some shallow. One should try to understand this.


::- HUMILITY -::

A cow used to give one liter of milk per day. In a month’s time there was to be a wedding in the house and the master calculated that more milk would be required then. So he stopped milking the cow from that day onwards. On the day of the wedding he picked up a huge container and went to milk the cow. He did not get even a drop of milk. All that remained was worry and more worry.
Misguided thinking can create chaos. Only if a faculty is used continually does it function properly. If it is not used, then it will weaken. intelligent people should constantly exercise their brain.

A stone said to a flower, “I will crush you. “ The flower replied, “Okay. okay by crushing me you will be doing a great favour since you will spread my fragrance all around.”
On hearing this answer, the stone’s pride was crushed. Ego burns fiercely till the water of humility does not douse it.



A youth said, “What an odd time this is. when I was travelling, my suitcase was stolen. How low can people get?”
Another youth asked “What was in the suitcase?”
Replied the youth, “I do not know what was in it. I picked it up from another train.”
When he steals himself, he does not blame time or comprehend the workings of kalyug. But when the thief steals from him, then there is anguish and a discussion on the evils of kalyug. Amazing! Amazing indeed.

A letter come to the jail superintendent-the space in the old building is not enough and so a new buildings to be made. It should be remembered that in the construction of the new building material from the old one should be re-used and that till the new complex is ready the old one should not be demolished.
What contradictions! If we look against the backdrop of our entire life, then it seems a small contradiction. In our life how many more contradictions exist.



There were four friends in a village. One day they organized a party. One of them said, “I want to eat khir (sweet prepared form milk) today.”
One of them said, “I will bring the mile.”
The second one said. “I will bring the rice.”
The third one said. “I will bring the sugar.”
The fourth one said,” Will bring my family to eat it.”
The one who is obsessed with the self, he successfully for society.

One young boy was standing all through his travel by bus. A boy seated next to him asked, “Why are you standing? The village is still much further ahead.”
He replied, “How con I sit down? I have to go quickly. Somebody is ill in my in-law’s house and how can Delay getting there by sitting down comfortably?”
How can the man who does not understand the operative rule speak or act wisely?