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Short Stories

Short Stories



When we were you g we used to discuss our fathers saying they were uneducated and did not have an open mind; they did not listen to anybody’s ideas or views.
Now that we have become fathers, our children too say the same thing about us.
The son thinks of himself as superior to his father. Is this an eternal truth or is it a temporal one? The difference in age is an eternal truth. Is the difference in thinking, created by the age difference, not eternal also?

The bird told the hunter, “Dear sir! Do not kill me. With my little flesh, you cannot have a stomach fill. I will give you three lessons. Listen carefully
Do not attempt the impossible
Do not brood over that which has perished.
Do not trust the untrustworthy.
The hunter felt highly helped by this advice.
In this world many things are and the resets among them is beneficial education. After having gained such an invaluable gift, who will value that which is of less import



The pupilasked, “Sir, what is attachment?” The teacher asked the pupil to bring a few fruits.
The pupil got them,
“ Keep them outside the cage, “advised the teacher.
The pupil did so.
A bird came, ate the fruits and went off.
Now the teacher said,”Keep the fruits inside the cage. “
A bird came and tried to enter the cage. He dept coming back and trying. He did not get the fruit but only made umpteen trips.
“ This is attachment,” said the teacher.
A rider on a horse set off on a journey. The horse took off with the speed of wind, almost caressing the sky and the rider lost control. A traveler asked, “You are travelling so fast, where do you want to go?”
Replied the rider, “I do not know, only the horse does.” When the mind like the horse races with the speed of wind, only it, the mind knows where it is going, not man.


::- HEREDITY -::

A visionary was posed with the question: What is the biggest of all in this world
“ The sky”
Who is the fastest of all?”
What is the easiest job?”
“To give unsolicited advice.”
“What is the most difficult job?”
After a moment’s silence the visionary replied, to know oneself.”
Man is forever getting to know others. So the observation that understanding oneself is most difficult is indeed potent.
A young boy was up on a mango tree plucking flowers stealthily. At that time the forest guard came there. Angry the guard shouted, “are you not ashamed of stealing? What does your father do?
The youth replied. “There he is on that mango tree. Can you not see him?”
Said the guard, “I have understood one fact: if the father is a thief how will the son not be one?” The theory of hereditary transmission is indeed true. That is why the elders follow and believe in a tradition




A lady once got annoyed and refused to speak even a word. The husband thought- how to make her speak, surely there must be some idea which works.
He tried walking in the bark, groped about and fell. The wife saw all this and her love made her break the silence and ask, “Are you looking for a candle?” “Oh! I have no need for a candle. I was searching for those words that had gone on foreign travel.”
One who has a wakened his intuition is able to make even the invisible. But the one without intuition is not able to see even that which is before his eyes.
A villager married a city-bred girl. In time he went to his in-law’s house. It was lunchtime. In the village the puris served are of a larger size than those made in the city. So this gentleman began eating one puri for each mouthful. The wife was worried that people would make fun of her husband. So she gestured to him by showing two of her fingers to say break the puri into two pieces. The husband understood it differently and began two puris at a time.
Everybody guffawed with laughter. Till intuition is not developed, outer vision only creates illusions.



Once a lion invited all the residents of the forest. They all assembled. The lion sat on a higher pedestal and the others were seated facing him. He spoke loudly asking,” who is the strongest in this forest?”
All the animals chorussed, ”You sire.”
The elephant was silent. The lion asked the elephant to say something. The elephant did not say anything but got very. He picked up the lion in his trunk threw him up into the sky and dashed him to the ground. The lion then said gravely, “If you can not reply, do not. But do no till-treat good people this way.”
A rich man gave a cow to four people. One cow, four people. They thought carefully and decided-everyday one man would milk the cow. Milking began. The first man thought, “Tomorrow another person is going to milk the cow, why should I feed it today.”
In fact everybody thought similarly. sometime later, the cow died.
Selfishness cannot be totally avoided. But where selfishness creates chaos, how can it be adapted ?