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Short Stories

Short Stories
::- WHAT IRONY ? -::

The minister orderd the district magistrate, “Sand the list of the misdemeanouring officers.”
The district magistrate appealed to the minister, “This is a very difficult task. If you so desire, I would immediately send you a list of officers with high integrity. That is a simpler job.”
This ironic incident is highly illustrative of the present moral fiber.
The reducing number of men with high level of integrity shows the poverty of the government and society.


Said the father, “Son you study very less. you should put in more hours of work.”
Replied the son. “I study a lot.”
“When do you study? The whole day you are roaming here and there, chatting, arguing, even fighting.”
Replied the son, “Father! study very late in to the night. I study with complete concentration. Sometimes there is even no electricity. Father, my concentration is so intense when I study that I do not even know when there is no electricity.”
How can one read in darkness? These questions pose themselves during conversation. But surprisingly, in an argument such contradictions arise and disappear too.



Four friends went to the guru. They requested, “please guide us in the field of sadhana.”
The guru replied, “Observe silence.”
The disciples followed advice. They all sat in one room. After some time one of them said, it has become very dark, has no one lit the lamp?”
Another said, “Keep quiet, we are observing silence.”
The third said, “ You have broken your silence.” The fourth added, “I am the only who has not spoken as yet.”
Those who do not know the value of restraint cannot concentrate nor observe silence. In the absence of concentration, wherever there is an upsurge of thought, art turns into speech.

Asked the master, “Did you see the thief carrying the box away?”
“Why did you not catch him? Were you sleeping?”
Servant, “Oh no, no. When I saw him I thought the key to the box is with us. When he returns to take the key, then I will catch him.”
One who has no strength of conviction will be ignorant even if he knows everything. Even if he waits till eternity for the man to return for the day, will he return?



The father was dining with the son. Suddenly they heard the sound of a vessel breaking. Who dropped the vessel?
Said the son, “My mother would have dropped it.”
Replied the father angrily, “What kind of a person are you? Every time you blame your mother .”
Saying so he went into the kitchen to see what had happened. On coming back he asked his son, “How did you know what had happened?”
Said the son, “The vessel dropped from the mother’s hand and within minutes all the noise questioned. But had my wife dropped the vessel, my mother’s voice would have continued to ring in the air for a long time.”
Negligence seems to be like the nature of an individual. When we are negligent, it seems pardonable, when others are negligent, it seems pardonable, when others are negligent, and it seems unpardonable. Even if the act of negligence is equal, the degree of pardon associated with it is not. and yet it is human weakness to pick out even the slightest act of negligence in others while overlooking one’s negligence, even if it is quite gross.

Asked the teacher, “On one side is an offer of the brain, and on another is a buffalo. Which would you opt for?”
One student replied, “Buffalo.”
If somebody gave me this choice, I would ask for the brain.”
Replied the student, “Master, Each one asks for what he has a shortage of.”
The first impulse of an is to secure sources of life sustenance. Those who opt for the brain and not the buffalo are rare.



One person came to Sujangarh to visit the reverend Kalugani. The Lodha family hosted him. Kheer(sweet milk preparation) was made and cut almonds decorated its surface. Everybody partook of the kheer except the visitor. when asked he said, “How can I eat it? I can see worms floating atop it.”
There are many types of ignorance. One of them is to mistake almonds for worms.
That is why it is said that ignorance causes troubles.

There were two friends. One of them wanted to go to another village and so the other went with him to the station. The train came into the platform. So engrossed were they in conversation that they forgot their purpose and the one who had to travel remained standing on the platform while the one who did not have to travel, went off in the train.
Negligence is of many kinds. At each step man is negligent. When he can forget himself and his duties, them how can his purpose be ever achieved?

::-DREAM -::

A beggar got tired roaming around for alms. He fell asleep near a pond just outside the village. with his begging bow I as his pillow, he drifted into deep sleep. He had a dream. He dreamt he had become king. Many queens were serving him while many maidservants were fanning him. At that time a dog came. It began licking the begging bowl, which soon broke. along with it the beggar’s dream also broke. Gone was the king, left behind was the beggar.
Philosophers equate the world itself to a dream. But those who think their dreams are reality, can they ever find the truth? WATER THE ROOTS

The mother said, “Son, why have the plants wilted?”
“Mother, I watered each flower, each leaf carefully.”
Replied the mother, “Son you are indeed stupid. One who does not water the roots, will definitely find the plant wilted.”
The root is invisible. The leaf and flowers are visible. Those who can see only the visible ignore the invisible. That the sure of problem.