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Short Stories

Short Stories
::- WHOSE FAULT? -::

The master ordered the servant, “Do not do anything without asking me.”
The servant agreed to that.
The next day he asked his master, “ Sir the cat is drinking milk in the kitchen. What should I do?”
“Stupid man! Is this anything to ask? Drive it away.”
“Sir! You only told me to ask you before doing anything, “ replied the servant.
Clueless people have indeed a poor understanding. They go by the actual meaning of the word and not by its import.


A man was looking at himself in the mirror. His face looked horrible. Angrily he said, “Are you making me look ugly?”
Said the mirror, “I do not make the ugly from the beautiful. As the face is, so the reflection is Do not get angry. Make your face beautiful.”
How wisely the mirror spoke: generally people believe that which is unreal. They do not accept or worry about reality. Instead they worry about its reflection. Without changing reality, can its reflection be changed?”



The wife told the husband, “Our servant is a thief.”
The husband asked, “How do you know that?” The wife said, “Yesterday we both had gone within the folds of my sari and brought it home. Today I cannot find it. I think the servant must have taken it.”
we do not think that our own faulty deeds can bring unhappiness. Only the faulty deeds of others can bring unhappiness. It has indeed been rightly said that the fire beneath our own feet is not visible but that atop a hill is.

An excited man was standing on the road. The policeman asked him why he was standing there.
“The entire township is moving around me, so when my house comes, I will enter it.” The dullard has a perverse mind. He is not able to see reality.



A poor man decided to overcome his poverty by going abroad. He told poverty, you stay here. I am going abroad to collect wealth.”
Replied poverty, “I can not live without you. If you leave me and go abroad, I will go there ahead of you.”
Asked the poverty-stricken man, “Then what is the use of going abroad?”
As long as man is in the company of poverty, he cannot gain success in any land. If the undesirable precedes you destination, obstacles are created. That is why the wise man should, as per tradition, travel leaving behind the undesirable.

A young woman bought a new sari. Her husband asked. “How did you buy this? Our monetary situation is not good now and under these circumstances how did you spend Rs.5000?”
Replied the wife “I know about our financial situation. But what to do? I went shopping with my friend. She bought a sari for Rs5000. keeping in view your status, I too bought one.”
There is no distance between desire and attachment. The desirous one never gives up his desire nor does he accept the delusion in his mind. He even deceives himself to prove his purity.



Monkeys are very fond of check peas. Those who wanted to catch monkeys kept a vessel full of chickpeas to attract them. One monkey came. He put his hand into the vessel to pick out the chickpeas. Taking a fistful, he tried to take out his hand. The mouth of the vessel was narrow and so the monkey found he could not take out his hand nor could he let go of the chickpeas. While the monkey was caught in this state of delusion, the man who laid the bait came and caught the monkey.
While attachment and bondage are different, in essence they both are the some. where there is attachment, there is bondage and vice versa A person with attachment, invites bondage.

A bald man went to the salon for a shave. Two men already seated there, getting a shave. After they finished, the bald man sat down. “Rs3,” the barber said.
“Why this partiality? You took Rs 2 from them and why Rs3 from me?
“This is no partiality. Rs 2 for a shave and Rs l to search for the hair.”
There is great merit in search. To serch for the hair on bald man’s head costs Re 1. It is difficult to even estimate the value of the inquiry in to subtleties of life.

::- ILLUSION -::

An old woman was searching for something near a highway. Some youngsters came that way and asked, “Dear lady, what are you searching for?”
I am searching for my lost needle. “she replied.
“Where is it lost? Let us also help you search it out.”
“It was lost within this house.”
“Then why are you searching for it here?”
What to do? It is dark in there. There is light only here.”
Where there is perversity, there is not holistic perception. Without holistic perception the real meaning cannot be grasped. Can for example, the needy be found if there is light alone?

A mother, going out for work, told her son, “I am going out. Here is a jar of sweets. Keep it carefully. If you want to eat a sweet take on out. Take care, there is a ghost within it. If you try to take two sweets then the ghost will grab your hand.”
The boy felt like eating a sweet and against his mothers a device tried to take out two. His hand got stuck within the jar.
When his mother came back and found him so, she took him to task. “What did you do?”
“Oh mother! The ghost sitting inside caught my hand.”
The power of greed is indeed multidimensional, the man who has desires and attachments does everything that attracts him.
The desires and attachments of childhood are not surprising. What is surprising is that grown-up and learned people also try to recreate the desires of childhood.