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Short Stories

Short Stories

The father asked, “What is the difference between the cow and the milkman?” The son answered, “ Father! It is clear enough: the cow gives pure milk while the milkman adds water.”
In its original form, things are pure. Man contaminates it. How vast is the kingdom of greed and selfishness, one does not know.


The husband wife was fighting. Their shouting woke up the neighbors. The people who assembled there asked, “Why a fight at this time? It disturbs the man who is enjoying his night’s rest.”
The wife said, “The reason is that I wish that my son becomes a doctor since I keep poor health. Then we would not have to call a doctor each time I fell unwell.”
A man asked the husband what his wish was.
“I want my son to be a lawyer”
The assembled people suggested that the son be asked. “What does he want to become. He too should be consulted.”
Forgetting their differences, the couple spoke together, “The son is yet to be conceived.” imagination. Many people experience sorrow only because of their imagination. How much of grief is real and how much imagined is difficult to say, but it is still possible to say that imagined grief’s more than real grief.



At midnight the dog bit his master’s leg. He went to the doctor. Outside the door was a notice that said, “I do not see patients after 10.30 p.m. “He began shouting for the door to be opened.
The doctor asked from within. “Have you not read the notice?” “I know the time, but my dog doesn’t “replied the man.
The one who is wise is time conscious, but the one who has no wisdom. what will he know of time?

One man was very articulate. He became very arrogant of his intellect. He began bragging, “There is no question that I can not answer.”
This news travelled by word of mouth to the King. The King called him and asked, “How many crows are there in my kingdom?”
He replied, “ Five thousand.”
“If there are less?”
“We should account for some who are travelling out.”
“If there are more?”
“We should account for those who have come visiting.”
The king was fascinated with his wordsmitery. But wordsmitery cannot alone serve any purpose. To achieve anything, it is necessary to be free of arrogance and that alone creates the atmosphere for righteous thinking.



Once a man undertook travel. On his way through a village, he stopped by at a hotel for dinner. With the intention of spending the night there, he asked, “Is there facility for me to rest for the night here?”
The old woman replied, “There is a cot there. Put it anywhere and go to sleep.
“What is the rental?”
“One anna (six pause)”
Thereupon he said, “I will sleep in the courtyard.”
The old lady said, “If you sleep in the courtyard you will have to pay one rupee as rental?”
“How is that?”
“On a cot your space is limited. By sleeping in the courtyard you will be occupying the entire space”. Generally people only know the value of limits. Few know the value of limitlessness.

A man went to the station and asked for a ticket.
“What is your destination?”
“My in-law’s place.”
“Tell me the name of the village.”
“I do not know.”
“Then I can not give you a ticket.”
When the goal is not clear, the destination is not determined, then how can cone expect fruition? How can a man expect to reach his destination when he does not know where it lies?



Once an official was engaged in dissemination information about family planning and this he did by going to each house and creating awareness and motivating them.
One person asked him, “Have you adopted the norms of family planning?”
“I very much want to follow it but the astrologer told me that my ninth son would become the prime minister of the nation. Tell me under these circumstances, how can I adopt family control measures?”
Till the inner desires are not satisfied, all advice remains wizardry of words. And like the bee which does not find pollen, conduct is not embellished.

A child observed, “Indeed this world is strange. When I was much smaller and could not speak, my parents spent all their time and energy motivating me to speak. They constantly urged me to say a few words. When I did, my baby talk thrilled them immensely. Now that I am able to speak, and speak well and fluently, they are constantly telling me to keep quiet. I wonder why!
I wonder why I was motivated to speak when I did not now how to and now when I know that art, am being advised not to. I am not able to understand this attitude and what the reason behind it all is.”
When we do not know the rules, the nuances, there is always confect with the inner self.

::- WILL POWER -::

The pupil asked, “ Master, who rules over a stone?”
“Iron, “replied the master.
“Who rules over iron?”
“Who rules over water?”
“Who rules over wind?
“Will Power.”
Will power is immeasurable. Only those who use it, know its strength. Those who know only its verbal usage can never even remotely access it.

Said the stone to the lock, “ I attack you with such force and yet you do not open. How do you open up.”
The one who is constantly living on the surface cannot free him from bondages. Only that man who has able to travel in wards is able to free himself from bondage. In the world of spirituality, inner travel is the key.