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Short Stories

Short Stories

The pupil asked the teacher,” What is the primary factor governing behaviour?” primary factor governing behaviour”
The teacher replied, “There are many factors that mould a person’s behaviour and one among them is our diet.”
“You are right, but listen to this. The neurotransmitters which are chemicals incur brain develop or are nourished by the food we eat. So they are directly related to our diet. But the neuro transmitters decide ou mental make-up. So as we eat, so we behave.”
A poet’s simile that is very beautiful visualizes the lamp as feeding on the darkness and therefore emitting smoke!


A father told his child, “I am going to the room upstairs. If anyone comes, tell them I am not at home.”
A few minutes later the father’s friend came and asked the boy, “Where is your father?” The child said that his father was not at home.
“Where has he gone?”
“He has gone nowhere”
“Then how is he not at home?”

“Uncle, my father told me to tell any visitor that he was not at home.” Secrets may have depth, but should never be employed to veil truth. A child easily and naturally speaks the truth.

::- FALSE EGO -::

A lion was relaxing happily in his den when a wild boar came that way. Sometimes even the weak man develops arrogance. On seeing the lion relaxing in his den, the boar’s arrogance surged upwards. He came near the sleeping lion and said, “O King of the forest, I fell like fighting with you today.”
The lion knowing fully well the value of these few minutes of rest asked,” Why fight.” The wild boar replied,” Today I want to test our strengths,”
The lion once again said lazily, “The test of strength has long taken place. What new will emerge today?”
Even after continual prodding the lion did not pick up a fight. Then the disappointed boar said, “ I will go to the village and announce that I have conquered the lion today.” The lion from his reclining posture said, “Go dear boar and prosper well. You may go ahead and tell everybody that you have conquered the lion. The wise man knows the true strength of the lion and of the boar.”

An unsure person never gets peace. Once a man removed his dentures and kept them on his bed. When he got up he forgot about them. He thought he had swallowed them in sleep. Thinking thus he developed acute stomachache. He went to the hospital and told them the whole story. Surgeons them tried to operate on him.
At that time there came a message from home that his dentures had been found on the bed. In a minute there was great change: the stomach pain vanished and he jumped up from the operation theatre and came homewards.
The doctor was shocked as he asked, “What are you doing?” The dentures have been found, mow there is no need for the operation.”



One ant lived atop salt mound and another atop a sugar mound. One day the two of them met. In conversation the one living atop the salt mound said, “My mouth is always salty.”
The other ant invited her to her house. “There everything is sweet, “she said. Even after going to the sugar mound, the “My mouth is still salty. “ Said the hostess, “If the salt particles of the mouth continue to be there, how will you be able to taste sweetness?”
Will man who carries the salty particles of arrogance in his mouth ever be able to taste the swetness of truth?
Once there was an argument between the ant and the fly and the fly said, “ I am great. Wherever great men feast, I too feast with them. “
“What is so great about that?” asked the ant,” You go uninvited and so are shooed off always.”
Can petty people assert their greatness?



The Emperor asked, “Who is powerful?” Birbal replied, “Time is powerful.” The emperor asked, “What about time is powerful?”
Birbal replied, “I will tell you at the right time
Once day the emperor and Birbal were booth taking a walk. At that time a mad elephant come running towards them. Seeing the mad elephant before them, both of them got scared. The elephant came closer. Birbal at that time quickly picked up his dog and threw it on the forehead of the elephant and the elephant retreated.
“How did that happen? “ asked the emperor.
“Now did you see the magic of timing?” asked Birbal
The one who can recognize the opportune moment finds a solution to problems easily. The one who let’s opportune moments slip past he makes even small problems into big issues.

Once a well went to an ocean. The ocean inquired, “How come you are here?”
The well replied, “ I have come to seek some knowledge, some solace. Ocean, many rivers full of water come to you, but nobody ever comes to me, why?”
The ocean said, “You want the rivers to come to you but yourself want to stay snug within your boundaries? How cans this happen? If you desire the confluence of waters, become limitless. Seek out freedom.”
If you want to see examples of the boundless and the bounded, see the ocean and the will.
::- EGO IS BLIND -::

A swan sat on the edge of a well. The frog living within the well asked, “Where have you come from?”
“How vast is that?”
“Very expansive.”
The frog jumped a little and asked, “This expansive?” ‘Many times more expressive, “replied the swan.
The frog kept taking leaps and asking the swan if Manasarovar was as large of larger. The sawn replied similarly each time. He kept saying it was much larger.
Finally the enraged frog exclaimed, “You sinner, do not lie! Your house can not be larger than mine.”
The sawan understanding the mind of the frog in the well flew off. Many people are like the frog in the well. They are arrogant over some thing very insignificant and thus expose the frig-in-the-well kind of ignorance.
Through a dense forest a rat was scurrying past. An other rat who met him on the way asked “Friend, Where are going in such a hurry?”
Replied the rat, “Today the lion, the king of the forest has been murdered. His bodyguards are suspecting me. They will surely catch me. Friend, because of the fear of being caught, I am running faster than my legs can carry me.”
Indeed the kingdom of ego is vast. Strangely enough, some times it oversteps even these wide limits!